Lunch menu

Dishes inspired by European food influences - made from fresh, local ingredients.

Greenfield’s food is generous, fresh and simple yet refined
— New Zealand Restaurant Cookbook 2017

lunch | From 11:30am | wed-sun

Bacon sandwich, HP / ketchup 15
Welsh rarebit 16 | Buck rarebit, with poached egg 18
Fish finger sandwich, tartare sauce, rocket 18

Masala duck livers & sautéed spinach on toast 19
Baked eggs, spicy lentils, spinach, mint yoghurt, toast 19
Smashed peas, avocado, preserved lemon, Parmesan, poached egg, toast 20
Mushrooms on toast, Madeira sauce 20
Chorizo & paprika potato hash, dill sour cream, gherkins 21
Rye crepes, smoked salmon, tarragon cream cheese, dill & raisin butter 21
Kedgeree, soft boiled egg, curry oil 22

Pink Ribbon Breakfast (& lunch) dish
Beetroot corn fritters, smoked salmon mousse, pickled radish & red onion, chive crème fraîche 22 $5 donated to NZ Breast Cancer Foundation

Pear & watercress soup, citrus oil 16
Spicy sardine Bolognese 19
Mushroom arancini, lemon mayonnaise, roast tomato & rocket 23
Chicken curry, basmati rice, mango chutney, raita, poppadom 25

Courgette spaghetti, lemon, dill, red onion & pine nuts, rocket pesto 10
Polenta & Parmesan chips, harissa mayonnaise  10
Roast cauliflower, Café de Paris buttered breadcrumbs 10

Field & Green's ice cream & sorbet  / per scoop  6
Affogato  10 / with Amaretto  14
Rice pudding, lemon curd, poached rhubarb 12
Tiramisu 14
British cheese, walnuts, apple chutney, crackers 16

Clotted cream fudge  3 | Florentine biscuit  4 | Eccles cake  6
Red Leicester cheese scone  6

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